We are using the Basic Roleplaying: The Chaosium d100 system rules system.

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Characters & Character Creation

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Characteristics will be generated randomly as follows.
Roll 4d6 keeping the top 3 dice for STR, CON, POW, DEX, and APP.
Roll 3d6, keep the highest 2 dice and add 6 for INT
Roll 2d6 and add 6 for SIZ.
If you wish you may redistribute 3 points; no characteristic can be over 21.

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Allegiance (pgs 315 - 318 in the BRP book)

We will be using the Allegiance rules to represent a characters Faith and Religion.

All characters can start with an Allegiance of 1d6-2 (0 minimum). A character may choose to start with 0 Allegiance. If a character does choose to start with an Allegiance, he must specify what his Allegiance is. This is entirely up to the player; examples of possible allegiances include: Christianity, Islam, The Latin Church, The Orthodox Church, Sunnism, Sufism, Norse Pagan Worship, etc...

Allegiance can increase or decrease based upon in-game actions.

A positive Allegiance score is required to learn prayers (see Magic), and if a characters Allegiance gets up to 20 they may choose a benefit (pgs 316 - 317) appropriate to their view of their religion/allegiance. Once the type of Benefit is chosen it may not be changed.

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The powers available in the campaign are Magic (pg 88) and Sorcery (pg 122).

Magic represents favor from the divine and is available to those who have a positive allegiance score.

Sorcery is considered a "Dark Art" by most religions, and Sorcerers will have a difficult time getting access to Magic.

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Magic (pg 88 in the BRP book)

Magic represents a response from a character's divinity to a request for aid. In order to have access to Magic a character must have a positive allegiance score from their chosen religion/allegiance.

Spells (prayers) are taught to characters by religous leaders and holy men. If a character has a positive Allegiance at the start of play, he may learn prayers by spending skill points on them.

After play begins, a character will need to seek out an instructor to learn/train specific spells. The spells/prayers a teacher has and is willing to teach will depend upon their religion and outlook.

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Sorcery (pg 122 in the BRP book)

Sorcery is considered a forbidden art by most religions. Generally speaking sorcerers will have no Allegiance, unless it is to a "Dark Power".

A character must have a Power of 16 or more to be a Sorcerer.

A sorcerer can be of any profession, but characters taking sorcery will start with 200 skill points (instead of 250) to represent the time they have spent studying the forbidden arts.

Starting Spells will follow the guidelines on page 122 of the BRP book for the Normal campaign level.

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Available Professions

A characters starting profession is just a representation of their background and what skills they have been exposed to so far in life. It is more akin to a family background/profession. Next to each profession is the highest starting Wealth level for this campaign (a player may choose a lower level).
  • Artist - Average
  • Assassin - Average
  • Beggar - Destitute
  • Craftsman - Average
  • Criminal - Average
  • Doctor - Affluent
  • Engineer - Average
  • Entertainer - Average
  • Farmer - Poor
  • Hunter - Poor
  • Merchant - Affluent
  • Noble - Affluent
  • Occultist/Sorcerer - Average
  • Priest - Average
  • Sailor - Poor
  • Scholar - Average
  • Servant - Poor
  • Shaman - Poor
  • Slave - Destitute
  • Soldier - Average
  • Spy - Average
  • Thief - Average
  • Tribesman - Destitute
  • Warrior - Average

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The campaign is a normal power level campaign. Characters begin with 250 points they must spend in skills for their chosen profession. In addition they get INT x 10 in skill points they may assign where they like.

We will use the Skill Category Bonuses (pages 20, 31, 48)

The following skills are not used in the campaign:

Languages - The campaign takes place in an area where many cultures are colliding and mixing. Because of this a character of any starting profession may spend their profession skill points on additional languages.

Literacy will be used, but only needs to be taken once and covers all Languages a character knows. The Literacy roll for a specific Language will be the lower of the two skills.

Parry and Attack are separate skills for each weapon.

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A character will start with basic equipment suitable to their profession, as well as basic supplies appropriate to their background.

Additional starting equipment can be gained by making an appropriate status roll(see pg 239).

In addition, the character has the following amount of coinage based upon their starting wealth level:

After play begins characters will need to purchase/barter/beg/steal any new items they wish to obtain.