Welcome to Bob's Fantasy Earth BRP Campaign Degesta Francorum site. This is a loosely historical campaign with lots of fantasy elements and plenty of anachronisms.

This site will be of most interest to players in the campaign, but feel free to look around and leave a comment in the Guestbook.


14Nov2008 I'm continuing to work on the rules section. I've expanded the secions on Characters and Character creation.

Next week sometime I will be getting a small group together to playtest some combat to see how that goes and decide if I want to make any tweaks or add any options to combat.

I've also added a Guestbook for people to log comments.

10Nov2008 Added to the links page a link to the excellent Val-du-Loup BRP campaign website.

I've also begun doing some more work in the rules section on Powers. I hope to get the character creation options and procedures codified in the next week or so.

15Sep2008 I will be running a BRP/Degesta Francorum scenario at Nuke Con this year. It is scheduled to run Friday Oct 3rd at 8:00 pm. More info can be found at the Nuke Con Site.

01Aug2008 Site setup - hope to get campaign running this fall.